Shelfblack is a electronic musician hailing from Greenville, SC. He began making music in the summer of 2018 after an injury sidelined him from working. He began posting small clips on Instagram and quickly grew a following. Since then, he has released 5 albums and 2 EPs. All songs are created live with hardware and no computer is used during the recording process. A “DAWless” atmosphere is created and the songs are built around improvisation, feelings, and  spontaneous creation. He has been featured on the popular community Welcome To Space Lounge and was a contributing artist to their latest cassette release.

Aside from his solo work, shelfblack is also part of the indie duo Black Zinda with fellow musician Stephen Zinda. They have released one full length self-titled album together.

Punch Drunk - Live Song Video

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Quotes on shelfblack

  • “…it is a thing of glitchy beauty…” – Electric Sounds of Joy
  • “…very interesting blend of genres, the melodic arrangements are quite infectious…” – EKM.Com
  • “…great raw experimental electronic feel…” – AsianManDan.com
  • “…we appreciate the exploratory creativity…” – Destroy//Exist
  • “…sonic utterances offering comfort in an otherwise eerie surrounding…a late night feel going on here too, as if the murky depths weren’t enough to have us under a comfort blanket.” – MP3hugger