About shelfblack

I am an independent and self-taught musician currently operating out of Greenville, SC. I primarily make hardware instrumental jams without the use of a computer. I record in real-time while manipulating a number of instruments on the fly. I am most active on Instagram but I also post full jams to YouTube.

I have 3 albums out on all major streaming services. They are, ‘As I Stand Living’ –

‘Happy Robot Dreams’

Heavy Things

and an EP called Some Are Giants.

I also have cassettes available for some releases on my BandCamp page.

I am also in a duo called Black Zinda with fellow musician Stephen Zinda. We have one full length self-titled album out.

This site will feature live jams, full songs, gear demos, news, and serve as a home base for people who are interested in what I am currently working on.

I am not currently performing live but may do so in the future.

Stay tuned for more posts and more music. I’m hoping to release a new album at the beginning of next year and Stephen and I will be returning with more Black Zinda as well.